"Life's a Patch"

At Blueberry Quilt Patch, we help "U CREATE U"!

With your complete satisfaction in mind, we consult with you in determining your style objective. Also, to tap into your personal design style, every effort is made to provide the greatest functionality and durability.

Your personal design style is important to us because we know it makes you feel good. Once your favourite design "patch" is considered, we can begin.

At Blueberry Quilt Patch, we consider that "Life's a Patch". By this we mean if you are a person drawn to a "shabby chic" style, where you favour linens, lace and country, with soft pastel colours! You like "Shabby Patch". Or if you prefer an urban style, that style at Blueberry Quilt Patch is "Urban Patch". Neutral earth tones that closely match contemporary features of earth, water, and air are particularly your favourite. There are many "Patch Styles" at Blueberry Quilt Patch. Let us help you determinine yours.